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Cribbage Tournament Come join us this Sunday for a chance to win Blazer tickets and other fun prizes.


03.10.2010 Newsletter

H Welcome To Our Site

Dedicated to the reduction of poverty through education, Charity Bolivia focuses its efforts on sending students from Colonia Ecologica to University. Colonia Ecologica is an organization run by a Bolivian couple that takes abandoned and unwanted children off the street, giving them a loving home and family. It also acts as a community center for kids providing a safe place after school to help with studies.


Urgent Needs

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There are often needs beyond the monthly tuition and living expenses for the university students. Below are the current needs that are unmet. Please specify if you'd like to contribute to these in the comment section of the donation page.

Donations For Us

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100% of ALL DONATIONS go to our Mission.

Nothing goes to overhead or administration fees so you know your money is being maximized to it's fullest.