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03.10.2010 Newsletter

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So what is Colonia Ecologica all about anyway?


Kiko and Carmen are a Bolivian couple who started Colonia Ecologica. When it first began, there were only a few children, including two of their own, and a small parcel of land where they slept on cots under tarps. With their huge hearts and incredible vision, it has grown to 28 children full-time with up to 95 additional children coming through their doors in the afternoons. Thanks to generous donations and volunteers from around the world, Colonia continues to thrive. There is now an almost completed house, more cabins where the children do homework, an official library, shower and bathroom facilities for the external children, a garden and more to come.


Colonia Ecologica offers prevention, protection and promotion: preventing more children turning to street life, protection and safety in a happy family and promotion of responsibility and moral values. Education is highly emphasized in lifting them out of poverty. This is not just a home – it’s a family. Their aim is to better Bolivia one child at a time. Or in their case, a community of children at a time!


Despite the incredibly challenging backgrounds of these children, they find a sense of comfort and security at Colonia. They are friendly, polite and all take responsibility in caring for each other and the home. The older children receive increased responsibility depending on their individual strengths and Colonia’s needs, such as grocery shopping, cooking, assistance with homework and working in the library.

Once students graduate high school and enter university, their responsibilities to Colonia continue in more of a work study program. In exchange for funding, they must work at Colonia a minimum of 10 hours per week. They play a huge role in mentoring younger students. Lately, the university students have been coordinating extra classes, such as dance and computers, and exciting activities. Local teachers were on strike in June and students out of school, so they organized 95 children into teams to compete in Olympic games! The competition lasted four days and was a huge success.


Without this university program, none of these students would have an opportunity for higher education. There is limited to no financial aid available even though there are five universities in Cochabamba and additional technical institutes. Students live together in an apartment and stick to a basic budget (see “downloads” section for details). In Bolivia, a small amount of money goes a very long way. These are hardworking students grateful for an opportunity to better their lives. They need your support to make their dreams possible.

Urgent Needs

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There are often needs beyond the monthly tuition and living expenses for the university students. Below are the current needs that are unmet. Please specify if you'd like to contribute to these in the comment section of the donation page.

Donations For Us

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100% of ALL DONATIONS go to our Mission.

Nothing goes to overhead or administration fees so you know your money is being maximized to it's fullest.